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Welcome to our member page! Peruse the wide variety of mediums and styles of our talented artists. There is something for everyone from decorative art to be admired and add interest and warmth to a room to functional art made for everyday use and enjoyment. These amazing, creative individuals have so much to offer to enrich your space and add beauty to your lives. They have dedicated countless hours to honing their craft and the quality of the work speaks for itself. Get to know more about them and their art. Each artist has a unique story to share through their art.

Matt Bakke
Matt is a woodturner creating functional art and decorative pieces.

Noni Bjorklund
Noni creates high quality jewelry in fun, colorful shapes of kiln-fired enameled copper finished with sterling silver. She also paints in oil and is available for portrait commissions.

Donna Dean
Experimentation and imagination give a fresh approach to fine art in watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media collages, as well as beaded jewelry, dyed and beaded scarves, and individually painted t-shirts.

Calvin deRuyter
Although the process is different, the same principles apply in deRuyter’s abstract paintings. Layers, and texture, and sometimes limited colors – all work to capture my perceptions and conceptions in works of abstract nuance. Spirituality not only surrounds us in the environment, but is in the very essence of our thoughts and emotions. Capturing thought is ultimately much more complicated than capturing the landscape. Using layers of paint, deRuyter captures the impermanence of mood, emotion, and thought. My dream, is to capture and paint the ‘air’ both external and internal, and then, ultimately, that which makes us understand and relish it.

Erin Frederiksen
Erin creates ceramic and glass art at her studio on Lake Mary.

Linda Gaugert
Painter and observer, Linda has expanded her representational artwork to include galactic and microscopic interpretations. Wide variety of subjects include still life, landscapes, spacescapes, and microscapes.

Kathy Grundei
Kathy paints local landscapes, florals, and nature’s elements in watercolor, mixed media, and collage.

Song of Ruth: Ruth Hanson
Watercolor batik, watercolor and gouache, oil pastel, acrylic, and custom calligraphy. Prints/cards available.

Barbara Johnson
Most of Barbara’s work is wildlife and nature photography. She has a special love for loons and lady slippers, the Minnesota state bird and flower.

Cathy Raef-Dunnigan
Cathy is a landscape artist working in oil, acrylic, and color pencil.
Instagram @Art_by_CARD

Faythe Thomas Mills
Faythe Thomas Mills is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Painter/Drawer. She works in soft pastels, watercolor, inkwash, acrylic, and pencil.

Bill Seykora
Bill makes one-of-a-kind hand turned wooden bowls made from native woods and colored pencils. He also makes goblets, pepper grinders, burl wood tables and more for functional use.

Merodie Seykora
Merodie makes functional handmade pottery, unique designs made to be held and enjoyed! Bowls, mugs, fermenting pots, wine glasses, butter dishes, and more.

Kate Smith
Kate creates soda fired porcelain, wheel thrown and altered pottery.

Phil Smith
Phil creates functional ceramics and pottery with a hint of whimsey.

David Sunderland
Oil pastel, watercolor.
320-846-2262 or 651-308-1405

Jon (JT) Thompson
Jon designs unique jewelry and accessories using natural gemstones, driftwood, seagrass, and recycled mixed metals. Styles range from rustic boho to industrial steampunk, each uniquely created with Aloha.

Melissa Werpy
Melissa creates fine art and ceramics inspired by nature and Minnesota lake life exhibiting vibrant color-filled design. Her functional and unique handmade pottery is to be used and enjoyed in daily life.

Emily Wolf
Emily’s hand-built or wheel thrown pottery is dipped in vibrant glazes to add beauty to functional items for everyday use.

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