MN Bound Featured Becky Albright’s Gyotaku Fish Art

I’m proudly sharing the link to to MNBOUND’s TV Episode “The Art of the Outdoors.” This show, MNB 1028, includes my segment, Gyotaku Art. Episode (Aug 14, 2022 – “The Art of the Outdoors”) on

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being tapped for it! 

My story of how this came to be: Last summer, I was taped by the MNBound TV show. They asked if I would share my story about my Gyotaku fish art! Of course! 

In addition to the process of Gyotaku, I wished to share the history of the traditional printmaking art, the many dimensions of fish art – like capturing not only the fish and it’s amazing details for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art, but also to capture the memories and tales of the fishing experiences so many share. Every fish has a tale… what’s yours?

My segment shows how this 5 pound Sheepshead ….

… becomes a one-of-a-kind Gyotaku print!

Becky Albright

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Steampunk heart gets some love at recent art show

Inspired by years of reading science fiction and fantasy literature, Artist Jon Thompson, of Alexandria, pours it all into his little wearable sculptures. “I start by hand turning some recycled copper, brass, or stainless steel. I slowly work in mixed metals, bits of 3D objects, including springs, watch parts, gears, coins, you name it…” Each piece is an intricate sculpture built layer by layer, bit by bit, until it looks, well, sometimes like a bit of a time travelled little machine. Sometimes they incorporate a stone or crystal, other times a watch face, some even have a tiny tube that appears to be powered with old fashioned steam. And that’s the magic of steampunk. It’s a reflection of a bygone era, and it poses the question of what would make up today’s advancements, if the world was still built with only Victorian era metals and steampower from the pre-industrial revolution.

At a recent Art in the Park event held in Brainerd, MN Thompson entered a piece for judging. It took first place in category. A few years ago, a similar creation of his took home the Best of Show award. 

“It’s really an honor, really a compliment, when someone buys your one-of-a-kind piece” says Thompson. “So much of you as an artist goes into creating each unique piece. And this month hearts have really been on my mind. One of my close friends felt fine one day and was in for heart surgery the next.”

Thompson not only realizes how short life is, but how Blessed he is to do what he loves. He travels to many summer art shows, and enjoys meeting people at each one. He also creates in driftwood, shell, sea glass, and stone. You can follow his art journey and get the full list of art shows at or meet him at Alexandria’s Art in the Park the last weekend in July, or the Alexandria Arts and Crafters Tour the first weekend in November.

Summer 2022 Art!

It finally is starting to feel like summer in the Lakes Area and artists are excited to share what they have been working on over the long winter. Although we are disappointed the Wine, Ale, & Art Crawl downtown Alex had to be cancelled this year, we hope it will come back better than ever next year. In the mean time, Art deTour 2022 is looking like another great studio tour with lots of new art, new locations, and new artists! Also, don’t forget that every Saturday through the summer the Saturday Art Market will be at Big Ole Park next to the farmers market. Check out the musical lineup! Every weekend will be something new!

We have your holiday shopping covered!

You often hear phrases like ‘shop local’ and ‘support handmade’ but wouldn’t it be nice to see a few specific ideas? There’s a fairly new non-profit in town called the Alexandria Art Guild, and it’s members have some fun options for the holidays when it comes to gifting.There are hundreds of great quality ideas made right here in Douglas County, but has a handy list of local artists, so I used that as a starting point to pull a few ideas.10 Locally Made GIFT IDEAS:

  • A pack of locally made greeting cards. From fun watercolors to locally photographed birds and more, they’re a great gift year round. Many on the member artist list do carry them.
  • Personalized gifts, hand stamped on an anvil, such as a mother’s necklace, or even a hand stamped keychain by artist Jon Thompson. Pictured is a recycled shell casing from a 21-gun salute, to commemorate Dad’s or Grandpa’s service in a unique way.
  • A painted portrait of your home, cabin or child by Noni Bjorklund, Linda Gaugert, Faith Mills, or Chanda Kraft to name a few. Their talents are extraordinary.
  • A handmade journal by watercolorist Kathy Grundei at Three Havens studio. 
  • Handmade pottery, like a new coffee mug, a set of dip bowls or even a microwave egg cooker by an area potter like Kate Smith, Mimi Seykora, Emily Wolf or Melissa Werpy.
  • Shopping for someone with a green thumb? Soda kiln fired flower pots and vases by Phil Smith are whimsical and one of a kind.
  • A wooden charcuterie board is all the rage this year. Did you know that locally they’re made by artists Bill Seykora and Matthew Bakke?
  • MN potholders by Linda Pallow can be found at the Runestone Museum gift shop. An affordable stocking stuffer for anyone who wants to make time in the kitchen more colorful.
  • Wooden games such as a horse racing game and more are created by Matt with Busy Squirrel Creations.
  • Natural goat milk soaps for all ages, in many colors and scents are made by Val Bakke of Lake Country Essential Soaps.

Douglas County is filled with so much creativity. I am sure there are many more I’ve missed here. If you know of a creative person who would love to join up with other like minded folks, and build upon each other’s creativity, be sure to have them look up the Alexandria Art Guild, and join the network of others across the lakes area at

Saturday Art Market

SATURDAY ART MARKET is a new event at Big Ole Park at 200 Broadway Street, Alexandria, MN starting July 31 every Saturday through end of September 9AM to 3PM. Saturday Art Market coincides with the Farmers Market with something new to see and do every Saturday! Don’t miss it!